How to Get a Long Layered Haircut at Home

Long layered haircuts enjoy constant popularity among women. Almost everyone could fit in a long layered haircut as it can be altered according to different facial features. To achieve it, simply cut the hair into layers of unequal length, the shortest on the uppermost, with length increasing down to the ends. It’s an easy way to look sexy and stylish.Layered Haircut Get Creative with ColorLong layered Haircut on a SlantLayered Hair Styles
Here’s step by step how you can get a long layered haircut at home for yourself or someone else.

Step 1: Wash hair, dry it gently with a clean towel (do not use a hair dryer), and comb the hair to remove all tangles in preparation for cutting.

Step 2: Make a part. Determine the part according to different face shape and personal preference.

Step 3: Decide the longest length of the hairstyle you want and cut the hair to that length.

Step 4: Section hair into seven sections: left side, right side, top, left crown, right crown, left nape and right nape. Generally the upper sections should be shorter in length than the lower sections.

Step 5: Start with the left crown section. Decide how short and slant you want it to be and trim it to that length.

Step 6: Move to the right side of the head and repeat the process on the right crown section. Trim it and make sure it is the same length as the left side.

Step 7: Repeat this process for all of the various layers you want for the style.

Step 8: Use a razor to clip away any protruding "corners" or segments that may have been missed.

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